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Our Founders

Qalisa Hub Founders – Hiten Keshave and Sanjay Soni – know what it means to build a business from the ground up. With a collective 26+ years in the entrepreneurial realm, they know what it takes to bring a business idea to fruition as well as the resources required. They are also acutely aware that these resources are not readily available in the township economy. They are, however, of the view that this lack of resources does not lead to a lack of innovative ideas sprouting from this part of our country’s economy. This is why Qalisa Hub was borne. Qalisa Hub exists to bridge the gap between great entrepreneurial ideas and the resources to make them a reality, from the ideation stage up to the point where they are sustainable and investor-ready.

This mission can not be achieved alone – as the old African Proverb states: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Hiten and Sanjay’s vision couldn’t be achieved alone, but as the drivers of this initiative, they have taken on the responsibility of hand-picking a network of vetted advisors to make this journey together.

Hiten Keshave


Commitment, Appreciation, Respect and Trust are four principles Hiten lives by, which have created a platform for influential working relationships both at a business level and personal level.

There are four key steps in his success to date as a Visionary Disruptive Leader:

  1. He challenges the status quo and is not afraid to shake things up (in the right direction).
  2. He believes continuous innovation is disruption in order to be ahead of the curve.
  3. He is SMART at what he does. He utilises the SMART model to assess areas that can be improved on.
  4. LISTENING before acting. A true leader always listens in order to succeed.

In applying the above, he summarises his leadership approach with bottom-up leadership, also known as servant leadership. He believes that authenticity trumps a fancy title every time and he lives by his ethos of paying it forward, even when challenges arise.

A calm, unique and approachable outlook to business has provided Hiten with many opportunities to connect with individuals both through business and networking activities

Empowering people on every level of their lives, businesses or on a personal level is one of the ways he strives to make a difference. His leadership skills and experience has provided him with the opportunity to make a positive impact on SMME businesses and individuals alike.

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Sanjay Soni


Sanjay is a seasoned and vastly experienced entrepreneur, mentor and strategist who is passionate about uplifting and positively impacting leaders and start-up enterprises. With a natural flair for business from a young age, Sanjay has successfully established numerous start-ups. He regularly ‘passes it along’ by devoting his time to mentoring and empowering future leaders, business owners and start-up enterprises through sharing his vast knowledge, experience and expertise gained over a 25-year period. His daily reminder to himself – ‘what can I do today to positively impact the life of at least one other person’.

This renowned quote by Mahatma Gandhi epitomizes his purpose in fostering a better and inclusive society we are all a part of:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

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Qalisa Hub was started by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We focus on startups growing their business/idea through interactive engagements with seasoned and experienced advisors and initiate sustainable growth through evolution of the township economy.

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